Dwane Dixon - Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Producer

“If Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Gibbons and Jeff Healey all lived in the same house, their next-door neighbor would be Dwane Dixon” -Dan Brisebois Canadianbands.com

Blues music editor and writer Peter Lauro described Dwane Dixon’s song, Long Way (From Loving You), as “six and a half minutes of blues bliss…“and, “…song of the year material.”

Dwane Dixon is a genuine Blues-Rock ambassador for the sounds of the 60’ and 70’s pouring body and soul in the genre.  He calls his signature style “Rockin’ Roadhouse Blues”, drawing comparisons to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Billy F. Gibbons at the height of their powers.  Dwane’s mission is to make a meaningful contribution to the future of the blues and roots music. He has written all the songs on his last two albums, Black Satin Blues 2013 and Working Man Blues 2016, and will continue this trend for his upcoming, third album, scheduled for release in fall 2018.

Dwane plays an average of 200 per year. He and his power trio have played many stages big and small including the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Tremblant International Blues Festival, Trois Rivieres en Blues, Edmunston Jazz & Blues Festival to name just a few.

His goal in 2019 is to expand his market presence into the more parts of Canada and the US.

Max Pollack - Bass

Max Pollack calls Montreal, Canada home.  Some of his earliest childhood memories are of him telling his parents about the "symphonies" he hears in his head. Fast forward several years and Max, now a composer and multi-instrumentalist has settled on the bass as his musical messenger of choice.

Max has been exposed to a wide variety of musical genres, some likely before he even took his first breath...from the womb, feeling the ever present vibrations of the music of Bach and Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, along with countless others. His first musical awakening came early in life. "I can remember around the age of 5 when I first heard The Phantom Of The Opera...its musical power and chromatic melodies moved me in a profound way." He states, "My toy keyboard soon became my new best friend. It was my only gateway to this new, awe-inspiring discovery called music."

Years of classical piano lessons led him to taking up clarinet and tenor saxophone in high school which provided a solid musical base on which to build. He soon joined the high school big band and started to learn the basics of jazz, blues and improvisation where he later switched to double-bass. His musical experiences in high school provided a direct path for him to further his classical music studies at Vanier College, followed by a 3rd year technical diploma in jazz performance and composition. 

During his teens, Max found a new sound in music that really spoke to him. The Red Hot Chili Peppers and later Metallica and Nirvana provided the musical yang to his scholastic background. He relates,"All those funky & heavy bass lines really turned my world upside-down."

After his studies, Max began playing in various bands and ensembles, from the epic, experimental sounds of Montreal original band 'Confusion in Stereo' to various chamber music ensembles, small orchestras, reggae, blues and jazz outfits. He also has worked on his own original experimental hard rock project called Mia Vidi.

Max is always willing to 'plunge head first' into any song or style of music. It is
Max's tireless passion for music, his broad range of studies, along with his experience with a wide range of different styles of music that makes him the perfect match for the Dwane Dixon Band. With a wry grin he states, "Stay tuned, big sounds are coming to a speaker near you!"

Tiburce Perlau - Drums

Born in 1982.

Started playing drums, percussions, bass and singing around 1999.

Started by playing for Pop and Post-Rock garage bands.

Studied drums with Hocine Meneri at Dante Agostini drum school in Lyon (France).

Studied at the Jazz Conservatory of Lyon.

Session drummer for various artists, home session drummer for Local 9 recording studio.

Played in numerous bands from electronic world music to Rock, New-Orleans Funk and Hip-Hop...

Living in Montréal (Canada) since 2013.

Former drummer of Alt-Rock band Vinyl Hero & session drummer.

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