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Betting on a Gambling Man

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Gambling Man Words and Music by Dwane Dixon

Dwane Dixon Productions
Copyright 2019 all rights reserved

My Daddy liked to gamble, he was good at shooting dice
He never played the ponies, but he sure could let it ride.
Working all week for that minimum wage,
Friday after quittin’ Daddy’d take all of his pay
He’d break it up in singles with a fifty wrapped around.
He’d comb his hair, shine his shoes and head to Griffintown and he’d say,

I feel so lucky Baby! Ain’t no way I’m gonna lose!

Momma did her best to try to make me understand, she said,
Son, you’ll never win when you’re bettin’ on a Gambling Man.

Sometimes he’d get lucky, most times he’d lose it all
He’d stay out ‘till the break of day and he wouldn’t even call.
Show up in the morning, (with) cheap liquor on his breath
When he could find the front door, he’d sleep right on the steps, and he’d say,

I felt so lucky Baby. Ain’t no way I thought I’d lose.
Momma did her best to try to make me understand, she said,
Son you’ll never win bettin’ on a whiskey drinkin’ Gambling Man.

(Poppa needs a new pair of shoes!)

It was the 7th of July just before the sun goes down
Daddy’s shootin’ dice on the shady side of town.
He set those bones on fire, but you know he had the curse
He doubled up and doubled down and it went from bad to worse.
He lost all his money, so he bet his wedding ring.
When he rolled those snake eyes lord, you know he felt the sting
You don’t feel so lucky Baby, when you’ve got nothing left to lose
If I only had another dollar, I’d beat those losin’ blues

Momma did her best to try to make me understand, she said
Son, you’ll never win bettin’ on a dirt-talkin’, two timin’, whiskey drinkin’,
No-good, broke-ass Gambling Man
(Come on now! Shake, rattle and roll!)