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Whiskey You Don't Lie

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Whiskey You Don’t Lie
Words and Music by Dwane Dixon
Copyright 2019 all rights reserved

Whiskey you don’t lie, whiskey you don’t lie
Single Malt really satisfies so line ‘em up, here’s mud in you eye!
You give me that fuzzy feeling and I love you yes, I do
I always know just where I stand with you
Friday I was drinking at the bar, when in walked a girl who looked like a movie star
She sat right down beside me and that’s when my trouble began
That woman was the wife of a jealous man


My girl says she’s going out with some friends
I said, “honey when you comin’ home?” and she said, “hmm, that depends.”
Well, I went out to get a bottle and I couldn’t believe my eyes
I found her in the arms of another guy, oh no!


My friend Roxy work at a bar downtown
I walked in and she said, “why you lookin’ so down?”
I told her about my story, and she knew just want to do
She poured ten shots of whiskey, five for me and five for you
But the moral of my story isn’t hard to understand
Never put your trust in another woman or a man
You only have a few true friends and that’s Johnny, Jack and Jim
You can know ‘em down and set them up again. Oh Yeah!