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Another Lonely Night

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Another Lonely Night
Words and Music by Dwane Dixon
Copyright 2016 Dwane Dixon Productions All Rights Reserved

Friday night at the honky tonk
I had the work week in my bones
I looked down the bar and
Saw a pretty little number
Sitting there all alone
With tears in her eyes
She pulled off her ring
And threw it to the bottom of her glass
She wiped her cheek and bit her lip
Looked my way and
She started to laugh
She said "Come on over Baby!
And everything will be alright,
If you could Save me, save me
From Another Lonely Night"
She said "Save me, save me,
from another lonely,
Another Lonely Night."

She smiled at me and took my hand and
Led me toward the door
When in came a man with a pick up truck and
He was looking to settle the score
Well, he was lean and mean
And built like a house
And I started to back away
She cussed him out and he fell to his knees
And started to pray
He said "Baby, Baby, I'll do anything
To make everything alright, if you could
Save me, save me from
Another Lonely Night"
He said "Save me, save me
From another lonely
Another Lonely Night"