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The Things I Would Do to You

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The Things I Would Do To You
Words and Music by Dwane Dixon
Copyright 2013 Dwane Dixon Productions All Rights Reserved

Long blond hair in a diamond clip
Big green eyes and soft red lips
With your satin heels and a purse to match
You give me an itch that I just got to scratch

Well, one whiff of your sweet perfume
I might as well be as high as the moon
I’ll share a little secret if you want me to
The things I would do to you

You walked by I got a second glance
And I though well maybe I might have a chance
When you looked my way an shot me a wink
I must have turned 27 shades of pink

I said Hey pretty baby!
Are you looking at me?
I blew you a kiss and you smiled back
You sent me ‘round the world in a second flat

Well I walked right up and told you my name
I said listen to me I don't play no games
I got a 101 on my list of ooh!
The things I would do to you

Asked her to dance and she moved in close
We had drink and she proposed a toast
She said here’s to us and all the good things to come
I ain’t no doubt they’ve already begun

I said oh pretty baby won’t you take me home
She leaned in close, whispered in my ear
The things that she said made it perfectly clear

So I touched her hand and gave her one small kiss
I never believed it could be like this
I checked one box off on my list of ooh!
The things I would do to you
The things I would do to you
The nasty sweet things I would do to you